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Title : Insights into Intellect Forum project (Lakshan)
Author: Lakshan Bandara
Lakshan Bandara

Created Date: 2020-07-28
Last Modified Date: 2020-07-28
Category: Forum
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Keywords: Intellect Forum, Insights


"A winner is a dreamer who never gives up"
Nelson Mandela

Following is a WhatsApp chat made with a friend of mine. It gives insights into the Intellect Forum project.

Date: 15-July-2020

Loyalty or Professionalism in work?

Yes, I agree with that. However, developed countries aren't immune to loyalty-based problems. If you evaluate all the fields & go down the social ladder, you'll see that even in so-called developed countries, these problems are still there.
Having said that, I don't think any society or civilization can get rid of favoritism because that's how some parts of the social work. Favoritism is the root cause of loyalty based issues because loyalty exists as long as the so-called master's favoritism towards so-called slaves exists. That's the other side of the same coin.
*that's how some parts of the society work...

Solution is to get rid of slavery mindset. That's professionalism.
Then, there will not be a master to favor.

Good luck with that.

Employee can override boss's unethical decision with good judgement to benefit all in the long run.
Good leaders be the change to get out of the vicious cycle.
Then, we will not be a developing country for ever.

It's not about being developed or not, it's about tribal mindset. That mindset is integrated into human mentality. We haven't evolved beyond that, yet.

Mind takes president to all actions.
Therefore, change the cause to change the effect.
We must start from somewhere. Good education will do it. No good achievement is easy.

That's why always say "you can't fix the society and then fix yourself. You first have to fix yourself and be an example".
It's impossible to fix the society, unless they all want a change. The only way to make them want a change is to increase the number of examples. So, fixing oneself is the utmost priority.

Be the example is to be genuine and show others how serious you are to build their confidence. That's leadership.
True education through good communication can make others to think wisely.
No need to force anyone.

Agree but that's a very long road, no one person can travel. IMO, that's why philosophy & religion exists.
Thinking change over time, priorities change over time. So, any long term social reform may or may not succeed. That's why time to time revolutions happen. But most of them are violent uprisings against injustice. That only makes more rules and regulations. People hardly grow out of tribal mindset.

We can do it through Intellect Forum.
We must use both long-term and short-term strategies to success.

Dude, trust me. If people don't want to change. They won't. No matter how hard you try.
People try to survive.
They are survivalists.
You can't expect bunch of survivalists to grow out of tribalism.
It's impossible.

People are attracted to benefits for survival. True education gives wisdom to benefit.

If you make it a transaction then only benefit. seekers will pretend like they've changed.
True change comes from within expecting nothing in return because that's the right thing to do.

Yes, wisdom from within.

I hope you'll understand, what you're hoping for is impossible to achieve because that won't be the majority.
Majority will stay as survivalists.

The problem is path to wisdom was always there. For many centuries. But no one follows.
You can educate people but you can't make them wise if they don't want to follow that path.
Wisdom isn't something you can teach, unless they genuinely want to understand and change.
Literacy rate is high in SL, and intellectual education is very good.
People have education, it is just they don't want to change because they are happy with their survivalist lives.

Let me give you an example how wisdom will benefit survival. It's practical.

You give a balloon and a pin for each in a group of people.
Rule of the game is, the winner will have a balloon after 5 minutes.
At the end of 5 minutes, everyone will blow each others balloons and no winner left. That's how people compete in normal market and all fail.
This simple story gives knowledge for wisdom, where everybody can be winners in future.

Ok. Good luck trying to teach wisdom.

Today people get false education by the system.
True education to develop wisdom is not accessible to many.
We need to communicate complicated concepts in simple way for the majority to digest.

I do my contribution. This forum welcomes all to share knowledge to build wisdom for our people.

"Today people get false education by the system.".
That I agree.
I was thinking of adding sinhala captions for good YouTube videos.
Especially on crash course kind of videos.
But didn't go through with it.

Nuwan, That's a very good thought of you.

I think it'll be easier if we use existing platforms with many people already there.
So, sinhala captions on philosophical and scientific videos will make sure people will learn from the best.
That's some work though.

Intellect Forum has a unique purpose, not like general social media.

Yes, but to address the masses, you'll have to use the platforms masses use at some point.
So, YouTube & Facebook seems good candidates because many people use these two.

We can reference Intellect Forum from there and vice versa.

Not just sinhala, both sinhala & tamil captions will make sure things will get better over time.
So, whatever you do, make sure all sinhala, tamil & english versions exist for ease of access.
It's hard without a group of people.

Good idea. We need resources to translate and admin them.

You actually do expect a change.
People always expect something in return, whether it's material or not.

Our country will benefit from this forum. Personally I don't expect anything in return.
My expectations have no person benefit like money or fame.
I am who i am.

Yes, whether it's personal or not, there's always an expectation behind an action.

Yes return on investment is a must.

That expectation makes you do things but make sure you won't get affected when people let you down.
Change isn't easy for almost everyone.

I am a free thinker. I do my duty and suicide at the end. That's my choice.

Keep suicide out of the option because the nature does that for you sooner or later.
In that sense, very birth is a suicide.
No one comes to this life without a return ticket.

I added some motivational music to home page. Please check.

Nuwan: 👍

I know life has no meaning unless we have hope.

IMO, Life is to understand and let go but our greed, anger & ego attach us in a way it's impossible to let go.
So, IMO, learning how to let go is what life is for.
Can't do it with desires.

I have given up life. My hope is to invest on thinking and serve others. I have nothing else to give.

I thought like that for some time but found that my very need to propagate my ideology is also egoistic.
That means I haven't fully let go. Still the ego troubles me.
As long as ego is there, anger and greed will follow.

I see you are investing on thinking as well.
I really appreciate that.
It's an advanced state a human can achieve.

Let's hope it is. Otherwise all this is for nothing.

Time will give you wisdom to make good choices in life.

Not time, aligning with truth & morality will. Time has nothing to do with it. Because if people aren't ready to change time does nothing.

Need to have patience to get results.
Some change unconsciously like reduced cigarette usage in Sri Lanka.

I think the both rise and fall of cigarette usage was unconscious because both were caused by media.
Whenever media glorify something by giving it masculine properties, young will take it almost unconsciously.


If you deliver truth the same way, then they will only stay that way until the next time.
Delivering truth has to be a conscious process.
Such people will never change back because they know for certain what's important.

Some people do things first, then think. People are different. I know that.
That's why i mainly focus on system change, instead of believing on good leaders that they will do everything for us.

Basically I have to accept change and consciously decide that's better.
I meant, unconscious change will last as long as that unconscious stimulus is present.
The soon that's no more, people change back.

Try reducing warnings on cigarettes, things will pick up again.

Yes, communication is important.

IMO, the change has to happen from within. Not just because of an ongoing stimulus.
That independent, sovereign, unattached change will last no matter what.

We must apply a diverse set of strategies.

I'm saying there's no better strategy other than being an example.

That's a must.

Others will witness, think and understand.
IMO, Making them think for themselves is the best strategy.

I do what i say and say what i do.
Sometimes I do mistakes . I want to correct them.
I expect honesty from all intelligent people contributing to the forum.

I don't say you don't but doing something which is outside of your control will only make you tired if you do it with continuous effort.
There are things which are beyond our control.
So, thinking that I do what I say and applying it to something outside of your control isn't going to be possible.
I'm not discouraging you but there are limits which we can intervene.
In this case, if people don't want to change & if violence is not an option, then the whole thing depends on whether people change themselves or not.
That is something beyond anyone's control.

Nuwan, i know what you are saying, and thank you for concern as a good friend.
I do what i can do. ePolitics platform is open for all.
This is the nonviolent approach for revolution.

I will publish our conversation.
It will let others see the insights of this project.
It's a crazy challenge, isn't it?.

Nuwan: 👍

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