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Title : Ultimate Truth (පරම සත්‍ය) and Relative Truth (සාපේක්ෂ සත්‍ය) (Lakshan)
Author: Lakshan Bandara
Lakshan Bandara

Created Date: 2020-07-24
Last Modified Date: 2020-07-24
Category: Law
Article Code: 109
Keywords: Truth, Ultimate Truth, Relative Truth


This is a continuation of "New Theory of Existence and Nonexistence" article in Intellect Forum.

In legal courts, I do (swear in the name of God/solemnly affirm) that what I shall state shall be:

"the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth"
"සත්‍යය, සම්පූර්ණ සත්‍යය සහ සත්‍යය හැර අන් කිසිවක් නොවේ"

The scope of legal court hearing is existence. (true, false)
"whole truth" limits truth.
"nothing but truth" expects something.
Therefore, this Truth is within existence.

Truth is personal.
Truth is situational.
Truth is based on the code of judgement.
Therefore, Truth in existence is Relative Truth (සාපේක්ෂ සත්‍ය).

From existence view,
(true, true) is nonexistence Truth.
(false, false) is nonexistence False.

Nonexistence has no laws.
Nonexistence is Ultimate Truth. (පරම සත්‍ය)

Nibbana, God, Mind, Infinity and Zero are nonexistence. (පරම සත්‍ය)

The Four Noble Truths (චතුරාර්ය සත්‍යය) comprise the essence of Buddha's teachings.

1. Problem is Suffering (දුක්ඛ සත්‍යය) - පටිච්චසමුප්පාද ධර්මය
2. Origin of Suffering (දුක්ඛ සමුදය සත්‍යය) - තණ්හාව
3. Cessation of Suffering (දුක්ඛ නිරෝධ සත්‍යය) - අතහැරීම
4. Path to End Suffering (දුක්ඛ නිරෝධ මාර්ග සත්‍යය) - ආර්ය අෂ්ඨාංගික මාර්ගය

When you have a problem, there's no solution.
When you have the solution to the problem, there no problem.

Four Noble Truths is a trouble shooting method.
Problem is suffering (attribute of existence).
Solution is Nibbana (nonexistence).

Problem, Origin of the Problem, How to End the Problem, and Path to End the Problem are Trouble Shooting methods.

Each method step is not an ultimate truth. (පරම සත්‍ය නොවේ.)

They lead to the Solution, Nibbana/ nonexistence. (පරම සත්‍ය)

Therefore, the Trouble Shooting method is called Four Noble Truths (චතුරාර්ය සත්‍යය).

The real Law practices nonexistence.

Generally, it is an untouched area in law called “Law of nonexistence”

For example:

Suppose I own a coat and I give it to you.

Don’t you feel greedy when receiving a free coat?
“Thanhaya Jayathi Soko” meaning “extreme desire causes you to feel sorrow”.

Once you wear my coat, I pull and push my coat to make you feel uncomfortable.
I don’t touch you directly and I have rights to do whatever to my coat.
Now, I have control over you with your consent.
The result is, you get pulled and pushed with my coat.

If you don’t like to suffer when I manipulate you indirectly, then you have the option to remove my coat and return it back to me.
When you detach from the existence of my coat, you can enjoy freedom.

Legal systems take control of you and judge you by tricking you to wear their coat.

Your attorney-at-law hooks you to that trap.
Though you pay him in large sums of money to represent you, his customer is not his boss.
His boss is the judge at court.
You are just a mentally retard patient to him, who is incapable of making sound decisions.

Learn the internal behavior of legal systems, specially the traditions of British Accredited Registry (BAR).
Your attorney-at-law is associated with BAR.

People of Sri Lanka are in the clutches of the active octopus.
You need wisdom to free from spellbinding (bondage).

Pictures (gif/jpg/png)

Detach for Truth

Detach for Truth

Remove the Court and Enjoy Freedom

Remove the Court and Enjoy Freedom

Attorney-at-law hooks you into trouble

Attorney-at-law hooks you into trouble

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