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Title : Unconscious Decisions (Lakshan)
Author: Lakshan Bandara
Lakshan Bandara

Created Date: 2020-08-16
Last Modified Date: 2020-10-03
Category: Philosophy
Article Code: 137
Keywords: Conscious, Unconscious, decisions


We make both conscious and unconscious decisions.

Suppose you get ready for a party.

You may select whether to wear a blue shirt or a red shirt.

That's a conscious decision.

Do you select whether to wear cloths or go naked?

Because, it's social norm.

That's an unconscious decision.

We are biased towards unconscious decisions.

Let me entertain you with a story.

There was a head priest, who offered flowers and fruits to a God.

A passing by black cat slept on the offering table, because it felt comfortable.

The head priest did not want to wake and chase away the cat.
So, he covered the offerings including the cat with a white cloth and chanted the slokas.

After few months, the head priest died.

His students followed him and continued the offering as a ritual every year.

In their offering they brought a black cat, kept on the offering table and covered with a white cloth before chanting.

You can see how rituals, customs, traditions, behaviors, religions, races, nationalities, social classes, political parties, etc continue by imitating previous actions.

This happens when studying history written by winners, scientific conclusions, politics and law, etc.

We think that we make logical conscious decisions by considering facts and figures.

But, we are unaware the meta laws or unconscious decisions we base on.

All unconscious decisions we make are not correct.

It is important to be conscious and question the unconscious decisions we base.

Thinking deep is important as well as looking at the broader big picture.

This is an eye opener to decision makers.

When think less and decide, we regret in long time.

When think more and decide, we regret in short time.

How good are you in decision making?

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Conscious on Unconscious

Conscious on Unconscious

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