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Title : Ends of infinity (Lakshan)
Author: Lakshan Bandara
Lakshan Bandara

Created Date: 2020-08-28
Last Modified Date: 2020-10-03
Category: Philosophy
Article Code: 142
Keywords: Infinity, end, mathematics, zero


What is the largest number?
There's no end to counting.
There's no upper limit to continuing.

Counting goes to infinity.

Meaning, counting is not finite.

But, we already discussed that mathematical infinity is not Infinity.

Also, mathematical zero is not Zero.



When counting from mathematical zero to infinity,

Is there a finite end to infinity?

When a sun ray starts from center of circle and spreading to infinity,

Is there a finite end to infinity?


Infinity is not finite.
Infinity has no limit(s).

Infinity is nonexistence.
Infinity has no end(s).

End is a limit.
End is a finite.
Existence with an end.

Exists with two ends

Exists with one end


Arrow of time:

Birth without death is existance. (immortal)

Death without birth is existence. (?)

Birth and death is existence. (mortal)

No birth and no death is nonexistence. (immortal?)

Life is existence,
Before life is nonexistence.
After death is nonexistence.

Existence from nonexistence.
Existence to nonexistence.

(Line has length and no width)

Finite line has two ends and one dimensions.

Finite ray has one end and a mathematical zero finite dimention.

Line with no ends is infinity, nonexistence, no dimensions.

(Rectangle has length and width)

Finite rectangle with four sides is a closed system.

Finite rectangle with three sides is an open system.

Finite rectangle with two sides is two dimensional open system.

Finite rectangle with one side is one dimensional open system.

Rectangle with no sides is infinity, nonexistence, has no dimensions.

Have you ever thought of the above?

Can you think abstract?

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