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Title : Unthinkable (Lakshan)
Author: Lakshan Bandara
Lakshan Bandara

Created Date: 2020-08-29
Last Modified Date: 2020-10-03
Category: Philosophy
Article Code: 143
Keywords: Unthinkable, Thinking, existence, unknown, learn


Thinking the unthinkable is possible within/ when existence.

Then, learn from known to unknown.

I can think of a cat and/or a dog.

When thought only of a cat, I experience existence of a cat.

When thought only of a dog, I experience nonexistence of a cat.

When limitless continuation thoughts of a cat, I experience nonexistence of an infinite cat.

I can know ABOUT nonexistence from existence view.
I cannot know nonexistence.

Nonexistence is unthinkable.
Existence is thinkable.

If there's another existence outside the thinkable existence, that existence is unthinkable.

Nirvana is unthinkable.

In Eastern thinking,

Mind creates existence of thoughts.

Everything that exists are thoughts.

If Mind is nonexistence,
Mind is unthinkable.

If Mind is another existence,
Mind is unthinkable.

Mind is Nirvana.

But, in Eastern thinking,
Mind is an existence thought. (assumption)
Therefore, Mind is thinkable.

Likewise in Western thinking,

God creates existence.

If God is nonexistence,
God is unthinkable.

If God is another existence,
God is unthinkable.

Then, God is Mind.

But, in Western thinking,
God is an existence thought. (assumption)
Therefore, God is thinkable.

Mathematical infinity and mathematical zero are existence.

Infinity and Zero can be nonexistence or another existence.

Life is thinking.
Cannot live without thoughts.
Everything exists because of thoughts.

If before birth is nonexistence or another existence, it is unthinkable.

If after death is nonexistence or another existence, it is unthinkable.

Then, no life can know the unthinkable.

But, we assume life before birth and life after death.

Therefore, they are thinkable.

Existence life has limits.

Thinking the unthinkable is not possible when nonexistence and/or another existence.

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