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Title : Discuss Executive with Nuwan
Author: Lakshan Bandara
Lakshan Bandara

Created Date: 2020-11-18
Last Modified Date: 2020-11-20
Category: Forum
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Keywords: Executive, Constitution, Committee


[15/11, 22:33] Nuwan:

What if we have a five-member executive council instead of an executive president?

✅ No parties
✅ Eligible voters vote
✅ Top 5 get elected
✅ Each has the same power
✅ All decisions will be made by consensus (by vote: 3/5 to pass)

What are the pros & cons? 🤔

[15/11, 22:37] Lakshan:


[15/11, 22:37] Nuwan:


[15/11, 22:45] Lakshan:

No need to dilute power.
Changing heads is not the solution.
Trust one and make sure he delivers.
The missing part is mechanism.
That's why I redesign the system.

[15/11, 22:46] Nuwan:

It won't happen.
That's why this is more practical with more checks & balances.
Also, this is kinda self auditing.

[15/11, 22:48] Lakshan:

You asked my opinion and I gave it.
Try your way and find if it works.

[15/11, 22:52] Nuwan:


[15/11, 22:53] Nuwan:

Oh! I meant "trust one & make sure he/she delivers" - This won't happen, that's why people are always divided.

[15/11, 22:55] Lakshan:

Why did you miss the mechanism part I mentioned?

[15/11, 23:01] Nuwan:

Due to who ultimately has the power to change that mechanism at will.

[15/11, 23:02] Lakshan:


[15/11, 23:04] Nuwan:

Are you sure about that after our 20A thing? After how Trump behaves?

[15/11, 23:05] Nuwan:

Imagine 5 members represent some 5 pillars of society.

1⃣ Patriarch (eg: commander, father, etc.)
2⃣ Matriarch (eg: doctor, mother, etc.)
3⃣ Intellectual (eg: teacher, lecturer, scientist, etc.)
4⃣ Mentor (eg: philosopher, sage, religious leader, etc.)
5⃣ Goods/Services Provider (eg: farmer, businessperson, etc.)

[15/11, 23:07] Lakshan:

Try it and let me know the result.

[15/11, 23:08] Nuwan:

You know I can't try. I can only suggest. If the society converges towards favoring this. It might get tested in real world.

[15/11, 23:10] Lakshan:

Then, what's the point in suggesting, if you don't have confidence?

[15/11, 23:11] Nuwan:

It's not about confidence. It's about presenting an alternative.

[15/11, 23:11] Lakshan:

You don't seem to have confidence to present.

[15/11, 23:11] Nuwan:

That's how all movements, revolutions, theories, etc. begin.

With just an alternative/suggestion/hypothesis.

BTW, what's the point of having confidence when no one cares about it.

One only gains confidence over time based on how much validation it gets.

That's something time will tell or not.

[15/11, 23:14] Lakshan:

You cannot be soft in politics.

[15/11, 23:16] Nuwan:

After all it's just another alternative & there can be millions, if not billions, out there (alternatives pitched by others).

Doesn't matter soft or not, focus on getting it right.

[15/11, 23:17] Lakshan:

What's your approach to get it done?

[15/11, 23:20] Nuwan:

That's one difference between you and me. You think about getting it done, return on investment & the conclusion. While I'm more concerned about getting it right, consensus, refining & improving, asking others to criticize it until it's refined, so, majority can align with it.

[15/11, 23:21] Lakshan:

You seems to have no confidence that your solution is correct. That's what I said before.

[15/11, 23:22] Nuwan:

It may require constant readjustment based on circumstances. It isn't fixed. Anything fixed & not flexible will fail in the long run when circumstances change. I just know that already.

[15/11, 23:24] Lakshan:

Let me know your final outcome.
In my opinion, whoever like to weaken our country and attack would support such power dilute solution.

[15/11, 23:25] Nuwan:

I'm not pro-country, I'm pro-humanity, so, probably pro-democracy.

[15/11, 23:26] Lakshan:

We don't live in absolute conditions. There's a compromise between access and security.

You saw the result of Sirisena Ranil good government.

When there's no security, humanity is down the drain.

[15/11, 23:31] Nuwan:

Yet, IMO, not ready to accept defeat when necessary, not backing down when necessary, not listening to different views, not incorporating different views, not getting towards true neutrality, etc without changing those it'll be hard to continue as a society without intermittent conflicts.

[19/11, 13:01] Lakshan:

Nuwan, i thought you would come up with a refined solution to your executive case.

Your diversified leadership qualities suggestion is good. An individual head of executive can have many advisors in different disciplines.

[19/11, 20:25] Nuwan:

I think what I said was simple, precise & concise. There's no point of elaborating further to complicate it when it's already a simple thing.

There's another thing in my mind. An extension to this in the community level. But if people aren't ready for this, they aren't ready for that. Because it cannot be implemented with divisive party politics.

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