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Title : Proposal to Udaya Gammanpila (Lakshan)
Author: Lakshan Bandara
Lakshan Bandara

Created Date: 2021-06-20
Last Modified Date: 2021-06-20
Category: Politics
Article Code: 174
Keywords: Energy, economy


From :
GodofGodsEyes •


18 June 2021

To minister of energy :

Dear Udaya,

I saw energy price increase problem in tv news.
You desperately requested solutions to it from anyone, including Basil.

I have a proposal.

We can solve our economy crisis within 6 months and convert our country to a developed state in 10 years time. That’s my estimate.

We need to be mindful and work on our strengths, not weaknesses.

Critical success factors i suggest :

1. Information systems
Already invested on IT infrastructure.
Zero corruption is possible.

2. Inventions and innovations
Use our hidden untouched brains to boost our economy.
Inventor forum proposal attached herewith.

3. ePolitics system
Bidirectional communication for people active participation to suggest solutions and vote on them.
No more protest.

We fail because of major flows of our economy policies.

Road system as infrastructure development is an outdated strategy in this information age. Gota, Mahinda, Ranil, ect are all wrong.

Read pdf or watch video of my proposed Economy Policy

Corona is giving us a message. Listen to it. Do not be stubborn and ignore it.
Every dark cloud has a silver line.
Be positive and realistic to see it.

I like to discuss and work with the top authority to rebuild my country.
Don't expect anything personal in return.

Do not waste resources on useless power struggle. Focus on real politics at this do or die situation.

Otherwise, our people will burn down into ashes and shall resurrect if lucky like the Phenix (USA concept of civilisation change).

Why suffer that much as slaves with debt? If wise, we need to act before facing the point of no return.

Please contact me if you genuinely care for our mother land and fellow people. Do not be narrow minded on fictional positions.

I like your philosophical explanations. We can work on this important matter behind the screen.

I'm a freethinker.

Available on WhatsApp, Viber
From Kesbewa

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