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Title : Higher Education to All (Lakshan)
Author: Lakshan Bandara
Lakshan Bandara

Created Date: 2020-07-14
Last Modified Date: 2020-07-14
Category: Education
Article Code: 80
Keywords: Education, Theory, Practical, Examination, Industry



Very few people get university education, because of lack of resources.

Some students and their parents spend millions at foreign education.

Vocational training is expensive and not accessible to all.

Therefore, our fellow Sri Lankans grieve for higher education.


Generally, education has 2 parts.
Theory and practical.


This project is an application of information technology.

Theory can be facilitated by online training video courses.

Many courses by different teachers for the same subject.

In all languages.

Store the videos in local data centers.

These courses can be free or for a small affordable price.

The lectures include industry examples and practical demonstrations as pictures and videos.

Online library facility for referencing.

Also, there can be real-time lectures using online classes (conferencing), where students can interact with teachers.

Teach the concepts.

Open the students to research, experiment and think to develop new knowledge.

Maintain online discussion forums. Students must interact.

Students can take short notes as they wish.

Ethics, professionalism and Sri Lankan culture education is necessary.


Maximum use of current available buildings, day and night.

With guidance of experienced lab teachers.

Industry visits and on-the-job training.


Examine with open questions for creative answers at the end of lectures, lab practicals and industry visits.

Do not ask closed questions. Multiple Choice Questions are for the dumb.

Exams must be open book to test referencing. Do not expect students to memorize information.

Test analytical and decision making skills (diagnosing and troubleshooting).

Appraise new ideas and inventions at test. (do not restrict to historical knowledge)

Online certificate at the end of each activity.


Allow students to do part-time jobs, relevant to their education.

Build online cv with genuine performance evaluation.

Do not condemn anyone for bad performance and bad conduct. Rehabilitate and sincerely invite them back to the society.

Do not do system discrimination.
Differently Able.

Moral support, knowledge support and financial support are necessary when people are depressed. Do not exploit them in their patches of bad-time periods.

Online counselling.

Online job vacancy site.

Online entrepreneurship vacancy site.


This project can be applied to schooling (Grade 6 and above), when students can take responsibility for self learning.

Then, our investments for school classroom buildings can be directed at facilitating for extra activities.
It is part of education.

In general:

Leaning must be open to all in all ages without restrictions (lifetime leaning).

Do not discourage students who can think differently. They are the candidate leaders to change the world.

Encourage free education. It will boost our economy.

Benefit scheme for full-time students to make a living while learning.

Our online universities with local practical centers can invite foreign students as well as foreign lecturers.

It positively effects our economy in many ways.
education income, tourism income, brain hunting, diplomatic relations, etc.

We can be the knowledge hub of the world.

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