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Title : Voter Categories of Election (Lakshan)
Author: Lakshan Bandara
Lakshan Bandara

Created Date: 2020-07-02
Last Modified Date: 2020-07-02
Category: Politics
Article Code: 85
Keywords: voter, election, category, politics


In every election, there are 3 known voter categories:

Category-1: Follower voters of a political party

Category-2: Follower voters of opposition political parties

Category-3: Floating voters

There’s also another category, hidden to traditional average politicians, because of political IQ level in Sri Lanka.

Category-4: Intelligent voters


Let’s consider a cricket match scenario between Sri Lanka vs Pakistan to discuss above categories.

Normally we see spectator fans of the 2 teams.

Category-1 and Category-2 followers cheer to support their own team. They boo to their opposition team. They do not appreciate the good performance of the opposition, because they are closed minded. By hook or by crook, they want their team to win.

These two categories are hard core followers and do not change sides in normal circumstances. But, if they lose hope, their feelings force them to punish their own team, like hating the lover when heart is broken.

They are blinded by love. They see through colored glasses by accepting the wrong doings of their masters. Also, they intensify the atmosphere of the game by making noise.

Party politics is energized by Category-1 and Category-2 voters. They are the regular army of party politics and regular opportunistic politicians and media love them. But, the weak decision makings of these voters are useless to our country. As a result, Sri Lanka has been a developing country for ages.

Category-3 is like foreign spectators from England. They float until they are given a small incentive (bribe). They are the innocent rabbits who do not read politics. They do not defend their votes, because they cannot value their rights. Election period is a floating voter hunting ground for predator politicians. Category-3 voters can become the mercenary army for political parties and they do not commit until the end game.

All Category-1, Category-2 and Category-3 voters have slavery mindsets in common. They are easily brainwashed and can be forced to think in the same direction.

Category-4 spectators are silent and effective. They are the matured spectators who enjoy the game of cricket in terms of technical aspects, competitive strategies and sportsmanship, etc.

They are open minded to appreciate the good things of both teams and can see the big picture of cricket. They are also capable of seeing beyond the game of cricket to make good recommendations to the game.

Category-4 voters are the most valuable for the well being of our country, because they consider facts broad minded and make logical decisions, thinking steps ahead. They are the masterminds.

Examples of Category-4 voters can be:
- People with higher education
- Professionals in executive positions capable of strategic decision making
- Researchers, investigators and inventors
- Entrepreneurs who take calculated risks
- Critical thinkers who dig deep
- Freethinkers, capable of thinking out-of-the-box
- True leaders of change without slavery mindsets
- People who lived in developed countries and experienced on how productive systems work
- Internet users with data analysis ability

Category-4 is an untapped niche market for average politicians. It will expand to a considerable market segment over time when the young generation become more knowledgeable and wise with the use of technologies like smart phone internet.

Considerable Category-4 voters attracted to Gota in the last presidential election (2019) as a result of advertising his ‘Viyath Maga’ project, addressing the intelligent people of Sri Lanka.

Category-4 voters are like the Iceberg theory, where only a small part of an iceberg is visible above water. More you dive deep, you will discover the significance of intelligent people in Sri Lanka. Then, you will be serious in politics. I believe that the good political leaders will standout from the crowd and be genuine in what they must do, which is professional politics without bullshit.

When we go window shopping we see lots of advertising. We find both real and fake marketing. Real marketing caters to customer requirements, where fake marketing sell ice to Eskimos.

Category-1, Category-2 and Category-3 make blind decisions and are hooked to impulse buying (quick thinking without considering all details) or loyalty purchase (future predictions on obsolete historical data may not be accurate).

As a result, they regret in the long run.

Category-4 is different. They know their requirements before visiting the market. They sit-back and think of all options available in the market to make the correct decisions. If the market caters to their requirements, they do the purchase. Else, they go home without purchase. Intelligent customers do not buy just for the sake of buying. They are not dragged by feelings.

In election, Category-4 voters vote only if policies and track records fulfill their requirements. Otherwise, they become silent as the correct decision and that is the common behavior of intelligent people.

2020 election is unique in advertising practice.

Reason-1: social distancing practice of Corona virus has discouraged traditional election meetings.

Reason-2: poster prohibition of the Election Commission has shifted focus to electronic advertising.

My rough estimate is 60% or more for electronic/digital advertising and 40% or less for traditional advertising.

The most economical and effective (value for money) electronic advertising media is internet.

It’s important to recognize the unique behavior of internet users in comparison to average people on road.

Internet users have the luxury to use lots of data in text, image, audio and video formats for their decision making.

In eCommerce, internet users read specifications, compare with competitor information and read other customer reviews before deciding on purchase.

When displaying an advertisement of a politician, we target Category-1, Category-2 and Category-3 voters.

Most of the time, Category-4 voters click the advertisement, because they are interested to read the political profile (CV), including the vision (political ideas) and political achievements of the candidate.

I suggest, Election Commission must make a website (in future) as a common platform to advertise all political candidates and their political profiles (CV) while banning all other advertising methods to make equal grounds for all politicians.

It will minimize the wastage of advertising costs and political candidates will not depend on pressure groups with multiple intentions through investments for their political campaigns.

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Iceberg Theory apply to Intelligent Voters

Iceberg Theory apply to Intelligent Voters

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