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Title : Introduction to Free Prisoner serving Life Sentence or Death Penalty (Lakshan)
Author: Lakshan Bandara
Lakshan Bandara

Created Date: 2020-07-12
Last Modified Date: 2020-07-12
Category: Law
Article Code: 94
Keywords: Free, Prisoner, Life Sentence, Death Penalty, Law


Convicted murderers and drug dealers get lifetime or death sentences by court systems and end up in prison. In this article, I convey the message that such prisoners can be free in a lawful manner without any approvals from authority. It may be controversial to current public opinions, because we are brainwashed to think in the same way. With an open mind to various ideas, I humbly wish to say that I found the knowledge in law to free such prisoners anywhere in the world.

In general, prisoners are convicted persons for harming others. But, I do not accept physical punishment given to them. Any fool can execute eye-to-eye like punishments. The wise men would mentally re-rehabilitate any person who historically or potentially involve in condemned acts, judged according to social norms. Instead of forcing advice at them, it would be better to find alternatives through them by counseling. Better to train their minds on how to response with consideration, instead of re-acting to other’s acts.

We all make mistakes. Be brave to forgive them.

All criminals have philosophies to backup and justify their criminal intent and behavior. The wise men would listen to them, use discussion and logic to help them shift their philosophies towards better humane positions.

It is not just these criminals who have failed in this society. Results of prisons speak for the social scientists, teachers, religious leaders and other social guiding gurus that they also have failed in this regard.

Can you remember, in the past, we used to punish children for their bad behavior using physical torture and violence? Today’s acceptable method is to use soft mental punishments, where children can intelligently understand and correct their behavior. Why not use the same for existing and potential criminals?

In Buddhism there’s verse of cause and effect:

“Mano pubban gama dhamma -Mano settha manomaya
Manasache pasannena - Bhasatheewa karothiwa”

It means, mind is the cause of all mental, verbal and physical actions. If we change the cause, the effect will change.

The foolish decision makers choose the easy way out by killing (executing) or physically harming prisoners (locking up in harsh environments for a long time). Do you stand for these fools?

In our childhood we made sand castles and sand Kompittu (type of hypothetical food in Sri Lanka) with joy. In our adulthood, why don’t we do the same? Can’t we make Kompittu using sand? Yes we can, but it’s no use for us and no happiness in doing such time-wasting useless stuff. Likewise, we refrain from wrongdoing as judged by social norms, and not because we fear for punishment. We do not harm others, because of decisions we make after consideration that there’s no profit and satisfaction in doing so.

This is the foundation for an intelligent society. As a futuristic society, try to win this challenge. When fools carry heavy problems over their heads, the intelligent men soften the weight by inventing wise solutions.

A good lawyer with knowledge of the "foundations of law" should be capable of thinking the concept I use to free any prisoner. But unfortunately, an Attorney-At-Law is not a lawyer. He’s just an attendant (attorney) in a legal system. Hope you know the difference between a doctor and an attendant in medical system. Then you’ll know the position of an attorney in legal system. Don’t expect an Attorney to do the same I do, unless he copy my methods.

I’m not an attorney-at-law, but a true lawyer because I know the foundations of law. I can make or break any legal system based on foundations.

I use the heart of common law (not case law in statues), the law of sovereign kings. Therefore, to free a man from prisoner state is all lawful in any country.

Freedom is not easy to handle for an irresponsible person. It needs true education and wisdom. Getting the freedom is one thing, maintaining it is another. Many of us live as slaves under the unconditional control of master. Slave mentality is in the comfort zone to eat whatever given without genuine complain (no effect), wag tail and sleep in a mental cage or mentally chained like a pet. No surprise, why they are allergic to freedom.

On the other hand the free man has teeth to bite if needed. He decrees (makes) law. Soft and all powerful with control at his verbal and physical acts. Knows the foundations of law and make limited contracts with other sovereigns and fictional legal systems for his benefit. The key feature of a sovereign is, he doesn’t surrender. A king does not kneel!

Are you free? Do you value free life? Can you handle freedom?

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