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Title : Story of Love Sick - How to Cure (Lakshan)
Author: Lakshan Bandara
Lakshan Bandara

Created Date: 2020-07-12
Last Modified Date: 2020-07-12
Category: Law
Article Code: 95
Keywords: Love, Relationship, Remedy, Story


“Truth will set you free from bondage”


This is a short story and the words worth gold. Read a new idea, away from the mainstream love books. You can experience a beautiful romantic story from the core. This book is all about love sick and the remedy to cure it. Love extends to marriage and having kids. Best friends are there to help each other. This story has a knowledge punch.

Recommend for teenagers to add something for their love life and learn not to panic in difficult situations. Also, adults can share experience in love and marriage. This book does not contain any vulgar language or violence scenes to shock the average reader. You can enjoy a decent story.

Let me confess that I am not a native English speaker and not an experienced writer. Therefore, please excuse me and correct me, if I make mistakes. It will help me to write future stories.


Once upon a time, in a small island at the Indian Ocean called Sri Lanka, there lived a handsome teenage boy named Saman. He was bright in studies, but he lost focus at class room, because of a private reason to him.

“Lean body, fair in color, long hair, cute eyes,
… how can I not admire her beauty? She’s born for me. I love her… I love her from the bottom of my heart!”

Piyumi was a nice looking girl sitting at the front row of the class. Saman could not take eyes off her. He was in love or rather infected by love sick. What a feeling to love someone?

Saman wanted to let Piyumi know how he felt about her. So he wrote a love letter with beautiful hand writing.

“Dear princes of my dreams, prince charming has opened my heart for you. Listen to the knock-knock, and please open the window of your heart…”

Spot on! How on earth could she reject his proposal now?

When the school bell rang, Saman approached her with a world full of expectations. Piyumi was busy entertaining her friends. She was a chatter box, giggling and sharing jokes.

“Hi, how’s the class?” She smiled at Saman.

“Hi, …” in a shaky voice. Saman had no clue what she was talking about ‘the class’. For him, the whole class was Piyumi. He was just about to lift a leg up (like a girl during kissing) to commemorate his first love. He really needed some private time with her.

But, his face got pale. Hands shaky and felt cold. Tension ran all over his body. He had no guts to tell her or simply give his love letter to her. At last, he found a word. “Bye” and he left to hide his head in the sand. What a looser!

Straight away he went home and had a shower. He could not stop thinking about Piyumi. At the same time, he was cross with himself for losing the opportunity. He gobbled up his lunch unconsciously, while swallowing her down his throat bit by bit.

In the evening, Saman went to the park for a walk. He thought of different ways to tell her his feelings. Every breath he took was for her. Saman was tired walking and sat on a park bench to rest. He wandered his eyes around with no intention. Suddenly, he saw some movement in the bushes. Curiosity led him to get closer and inquire.

Saman couldn’t believe his eyes. There was Piyumi with his best friend. Manoj was cuddling her. Her head leaned at his chest. He kissed her on her lips. She kissed him back.

“No way! How can this happen?” Saman couldn’t breathe. His mouth opened. He was sad and surprised. He wanted to fight with Manoj and claim his trophy. That’s the manly way of handling such situations. But, he did not want to lose his best friend. He decided to step back. He rushed home, closed his room door and fell into his bed like a lame duck.

Saman got into panic mode. He felt like world has come to an end. He hit the wall. Swirled in to the shell. He was depressed. Thoughts streamed out of what he saw, and cycled infinitely. For a moment he admitted he was crazy, out of mind. He sobbed and sobbed. Tears dampened his pillow. He felt lonely, helpless and hopeless. Saman was confused not knowing whom to blame for his lost love. He spent that long night with a heavy heart.

Next day morning, he managed to pull himself back and think straight. Instead of violent reactions, Saman chose the path to control emotions and study love. That is how wise men response when the fools react with instincts.

He spent in the college library reading books and googling the internet. Saman also interviewed people at street. He deeply wanted to know what love really is. He was not satisfied with his findings.

He went home and continued his research using his laptop. Time passed, but he kept on browsing the internet. Wallah! At last… He hit the jackpot… He felt so pleased and slept through the night comfortably after processing his findings.

Next day early in the morning, his best friend Manoj turned up for his surprise. Manoj was in an upset mood.

“What’s up bro? What’s the problem?” asked Saman.

“I don’t know man, what’s going on ... I broke up with my girlfriend yesterday. I think she’s using me to get attention for another guy. That’s very mean of her. I’m not her billy boy!

How dare she play with my feelings? I hate her. I want to kill her and suicide myself!”

Saman had mixed feelings for Manoj. He was sorry for his best friend and happy for him at the same time. Sorry because he knew by experience how love sick hurts. Happy because he can share his wisdom with his best friend.

There was utter silence. Saman took a deep breath and said “I feel you bro… I feel you! But, do you know what love really is? I mean the philosophy of love?”

Manoj offhandedly answered without taking much care of this philosophical question “Everyone knows what love is. It’s a good feeling. Isn’t it?”

“Well, that’s what everyone know. Love is more than that. Love exists in a master-slave relationship, a contract in law”.

“What?” said Manoj “That’s nonsense?”

“No I’m serious here. I’m telling you the truth, because you are my best friend. You can take it or leave it. Up to you.”

“Okay, go on…”

“In a master-slave relationship, only master loves slave. Slave obeys master. Love is one way.

I too was in one sided love, with the same girl who played with your feelings. Had my share of hardship, when I saw you making love with her in the park, yesterday.”

Manoj shook his head “Why didn’t you tell me? I’m your best friend…”

“That’s not important here, listen…

When girl loves boy and boy loves girl, it’s called interdependent love. Two masters and two slaves. You can call it a peer-to-peer relationship.

When you love Piyumi, you are the master and she is the slave. When she disobeys you (the master), you want to punish your slave.

That’s hate. You hate her because you love her.

You know, any fool can hurt others and himself… When I was in your boots, I wanted to learn about what I was going through.

Love is a sickness man, it needs remedy to cure.”

Manoj sat straight and asked “What do you suggest me?”

“I’m telling you, when you have the solution, you don’t have the problem”

“mmm… I got it. How did you learn all this?”

“I did research on love. Then I found this book titled ‘Philosophy Reform: New Code for Something and Nothing’ from This book has a chapter called ‘Philosophy of Love’.” Saman showed the eBook in his laptop.

“That’s very thoughtful of you” said Manoj with appreciation.

Saman continued with his interesting lecture ...

“Well, I thought of this whole process of love before I went to sleep last night. I came to know that we are influenced by our hormones and social pressure to find partners. The outcome of a boy-girl love is marriage and kids. Raising kids is a hell of responsibility.“

“That’s true”

“Marriage is three separate - two party agreements. Between girl-boy, between girl- God and between boy-God. Nowadays, God is replaced by a marriage registrar to legalize marriage as a commercial trade agreement.

Ask people who took the bait and got married.

If they are honest they will tell you that the fun part of marriage do not last for more than two years. Also, will say that they want to trick themselves to believe, the sufferings of marriage attachment is sweet.

If they are dishonest, they will try to pull you into the dark deep hole they are in.

Remember, you are not forced to love someone and not forced to marry. It is your free will. So you must make your decisions wisely.”

“You are right, bro. I agree 100%” said Manoj.

Saman then gave a valuable advice. “With my experience, I suggest you to give-up loving her, and set free your slave from bondage. Then, you will feel relaxed. With an open free mind, sky is the limit.”

“Sure I will try, my dearest best friend… I will” and Saman patted on his shoulder.

Later in the day, Saman and Manoj met Piyumi at the college canteen. She regretted and said sorry to Manoj for her selfishness. End of the day, they all became good friends.

They conquered love sick and found true love of nonexistence.

So folks, every good things must come to an end.

After all those roller coaster events, they all lived happily ever after.

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