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Title : Solution to Achilles and Tortoise Paradox (Lakshan)
Author: Lakshan Bandara
Lakshan Bandara

Created Date: 2020-07-12
Last Modified Date: 2020-10-03
Category: Philosophy
Article Code: 97
Keywords: Paradox, Systems, Time, Relativity


“When there's problem, there's no solution
When there's solution, there's no problem
When there's no problem, there's no solution
When there's no solution, is there problem of no problem?”

We must exercise our brains. It's a preparation to solve difficult problems. We need intelligence to redesign our country.

Here, I solved a very complicated paradox.

Generally, people are slaves to time.
But, time is fictional tool. Time is an agreement (සම්මුති).

There can be different times in different systems.

Achilles and Tortoise Paradox is in different time systems.

When I solve it, there's no more paradox.

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Achilles and Tortoise race

Achilles and Tortoise race

Zeno of Elea, 490-430. Philosopher.

Zeno of Elea, 490-430. Philosopher.

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